Analyse practical situations and identify the relevant tax issues. ( 6 Marks)

Analyse skilled situations and establish the bearing impost issues. ( 6 Marks)  
Establish and represent the impostation rules and principles bearing to assessable pay, equitable exhaustion and impostable pay and adduce these rules to an personal impostpayer. (28 Marks). 
Correctly consider an personal impostpayer’s impost burden or restore. (11 Marks) 
Analyse and represent the totalowable concepts menial achievement of holding payments and adduce these concepts to a certainty based collection. (13 Marks) 
Correctly consider the whole of impost to be withheld by the employer imputable to achievement of holding. (2 Marks) 
Prepare a written instrument that is intelligible, condensed and consecutive, using divert name and bestowal for the calculated hearers, resolve and matter as well-mannered-mannered as adduce redress passage and referencing conventions in justly acknowledging total rise symbolical used. (10

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