After you select one public company from the list set out above,

After you choice one common fraternity from the roll set out over, revisal the published fraternity’s annual ments for 2017 and 2015 collate and contrariety the fraternity’s gregarious responsibilities (CSR) menting and tally the forthcoming questions: 
Part 1          
Using Legitimacy Theory, clear-up why ASX Listed Corporations discretional reveal environing their gregarious and environmental act? 
Part 2          
Compare and contrariety satisfied and main topics in the fraternity’s annual menting pertaining to CSR issues among 2017 and 2015? Part 3       
Now, mark the website of the fraternity you entertain selected for your special enactment and revisal CSR menting on their website, i.e. not the annual ment. Part of the SER menting may answer underneathneath sustainability or gregarious and environmental menting. Now corcorrespond to the forthcoming questions: 
How is the CSR menting on the fraternity’s website divergent from the CSR menting in its annual ment in 2017 in stipulations of topic and satisfied?

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