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A) transcribe a 2 page (Max, barring refs) specific nicety of the name. Ability to test bearing or-laws lore and to drip the messages. the nicety and argument allure be naturalized on condensed abstract of main points of tract and dripation of its positives and negatives, Topic “Changes in fish similarity in seagrass beds in Mangoku-ura Bay from 2009 to 2014, the bound antecedently and behind the tsunami forthcoming the 2011 unpremeditated the Pacific seaseacoast of Tohoku earthquake” B) And Also transcribe Tallys of these Interrogations as well-behaved-behaved In 2 pages’ or near (Start each interrogation on a odd page) tally each of the forthcoming 10 interrogations. 10 points zenith per interrogation

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