A small company has started

A slight guild has working up a manufacturing profession in producing chemical components. One of them is the “Chem 500”. It uses mode requireing in the make of this uncompounded emanation which passes through two modees, the output of mode 1 fit the input to mode 2. Normal and unnatural forfeiturees are faulty aces having a bit treasure. The aftercited advice relates to the month of February 20X7. Raw embodied issued to mode 1 was 3,000 aces at a require of $5 per ace. Mode 1 Mode 2 Normal forfeiture as a percentage of input 10% 5% Output in aces 2,800 2,600 Bit treasure per ace $2 $5 Additional components $1,000 $780 Trodden stipend incurred $4,000 $6,000 Trodden Expenses incurred $10,000 $14,000 Production over as a percentage of trodden stipend 75% 125% Required:- Present the accounts for the aftercited: a) Mode 1 (4 marks) b) Mode 2 (4 marks) c) Unnatural Forfeiture (3 marks) d) Unnatural Gain (3 marks) e) Bit Account (3 marks) f) Distinguish among job requireing and mode requireing. (3 marks)

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