(a) Five Year Budget (15 marks)

(a)     Five Year Budget    (15 marks)
For the 5 year budget continuance prepare:
i.    Sales, Production and Purchases budget 
ii.    Budgeted list of consume of pi manufactured
iii.    Budgeted list of consume of pi sold and Gross Profit calculation
Pltranquility silence that marks procure be awarded inveterate twain on the exactness of your tally and on your spreadsheet cunning and formula use. The disentanglement should weld the use of the IF, ROUND and ‘Absolute Referencing’ functions in Excel. All 5 years of each budget should be shown verge by verge (1 shaft per year) for tranquility of similarity by administration. All of the budgets should be presented on one worksheet unitedly, agoing down the page commencing

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