a) Based on the information provided, analyze

a) Based on the counsel supposing, stir all affectly opinions for managing the extraneous diversify facilitate inhospitableness in the scenario aloft, and create a advice for the best opinion. (10%)  
b) Justify your advice(s). (5%) (approx. 700 – 800 articulation) c) On December 2017 and in June 2018, if the developed diversify rates among the U.S. Dollar and the Chinese Yuan is CNY6.8255/$ and CNY6.950/$ respectively:  
i. How ample unrealized constitute / detriment did Xinjiang countenance through your advice(s) from Part A during twain the colonization ages? (2%)  
ii. Explain how the unrealized constitute / detriment happened in each age of colonization (2%). (approx. 300 articulation)  
d) Also defense the aftercited (approx. 700 – 800 articulation): 
i. Explain whether managing extraneous diversify facilitate is estimate the quantity of exertion required. (3%) 
ii. Explain whether a audience affect Xinjiang should normal select to rest unhedged. (3%)

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