(a) A key requirement of the responsible lending obligations

(a)    A clew capacity of the chargeable on lending obligations is the ‘unsuitability standard.’ What must a mortgage broker do to ceego with the unsuitability standard?
No        Mark
1.    To reach steady enquiries encircling the borrower’s capacitys and objectives       /1
2.    To reach steady enquiries encircling the borrower’s financial footing       /1
3.    To capture steady steps to authenticate that financial footing     

(b)    List the sorts of items a client’s capacitys and objectives could enclose (as involved by ASIC).

As involved by ASIC inquiries relating capacitys and objectives enclose:
1.    The quantity of honor needed or the completion quantity sought; 
2.    The timeframe ce which it is required; 
3.    The aim and behoof sought; and 
whether the consumer seeks detail consequence features or flexibility, and understands the costs of these features and any additional risks. 

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