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Unit VIII Portfolio ?PowerPoint Donation (COCA-COLA) ?Ce your terminal meekness, you are to compose a donation on the Multinational Corporation (Coca-Cola) you possess been cethcoming throughout this passage. Your Unit VIII Portfolio meekness should embrace the cethcoming criteria: ? • Diversification ? • Investment ? • Management ? • Exchange rates ? • Vogue meet ? This criteria then needs to be reclaimed up into the cethcoming sub-components, ce which you are to enlarge your donation: Diversification: Analyze and expound the steps charmed by the construction to variegate their property and combine themselves into the growing global arrangement. ? Investment: Determine how the construction external and financed default and equity amid ceeign and domiciliary markets. Discuss the collision upon their overtotal investments. ? Management: Examine how the construction managed their property and liabilities and how this monstrous their profitability and development. ? Exchange rates: Evaluate the movables of true exchange rates and the endanger thereof, on the profitability of the construction, including the verification of purchasing rule equality. ? Vogue meet: Discuss the movabless of ceeign vogue swaps upon the construction and how this influenced their vocation firmness making. ? You should compose a RulePoint Donation on the Multinational Corporation you chose amid the highest couple units. The donation should be a incompleteness of 25 slides and embrace total the indispensable counsel. Any charts, graphs, or pictures should be right cited using APA fashion letter.

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