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From your selected stakeholder perspective (a assemblage in your selected GICS sector), transcribe a ment addressing the aftercited questions;
1. Why has the leasing criterion been alterable? What succeed alter? What does it moderation for your selected stakeholder? And how AASB 16 would advantage and/or helplessness the stakeholder?
2. What issue does AASB 16 feel on your selected stakeholder’s proceeds assertion, redress quibble and capital stream assertion? What does it moderation for users of your selected stakeholder’s financial assertions?
(Note: examine apt aspects where conducive. Use most new-fangled published financial assertion of a assemblage in your selected GICS sector. Subjoin as Postscript 1 the financial assertions used. Use aspects in the substance of your examineion and subjoin your aspect forethought in postscript 2.)
3. Evaluate whether overall, AASB 16 would remainder in menting that would be past suited to users?
4. Summarise your examineion for your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is from a non-accounting contrast.
In your ment find indisputable you cogitate the apt local technical and speculative issues touching to AASB 16 from your nominated stakeholder perspective. You are as-well required to cogitate the speculative twist of accounting notification done from the perspective of your nominated stakeholder.

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