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Case con-over 1: Residence and commencement Kit is a steady inhabitant of Australia. He was born in Chile and retains his Chilean citizenship. Kit spends most of the year instituted off the strand of Indonesia on an oil rig for a United States corporation. He was recruited for this job in Australia and attested a agree after a while the corporation less. For the developed four years, Kit’s consort has lived in Australia after a while their two conclusion. They purchased a settlement in Australia three years ago. Kit and his consort keep a elbow bank statement after a while Westpac Bank. Kit’s compensation is paid immediately into his statement. All of the race’s other cannonades, including a portion-out portfolio that generates dividend pay, halt in Chile. Kit gets one month off from effort integral third month and, on these occasions, he meets after a while his race either in Australia or on holidays about South America (usually in Chile wless his parents lodge). Discuss whether Kit is a inhabitant of Australia and how his compensation and cannonade pay would be taxed (10 marks, max. 1000 suffrage). Case con-over 2: conventional pay Explanations of the relative outcomes reached by the courts in the subjoined cases which all involving sales of fix.

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