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FIGURE 1 shows lewd generators feeding into a sectionalised busbar delay a defect conditioning reactor.
FIG. 1
Each generator is rated at 11 kV and 30 MVA and has a reactance of 0.2 p.u.
Calculate the estimate of the reactance to condition the defect smooth on a feeder to 500 MVA.
2. FIGURE 2 shows the sectionalised busbar of a two generator potentiality standing conjoined to the generally-known grid.
Calculate, using a 40 MVA worthiest, the defect smooth for a 3-phase shapely weak tour on the 11 kV feeder.
R          Y          B Fault
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FIG. 2
3. State:
(i) The part of a halt bridge on an IDMT electromagnetic defence reinforcement.
(ii) Two ways in which the contrast of an IDMT electromagnetic reinforcement may be altered.
R          Y          B Fault
2 × 40 MVA 0.14 p.u.
0.31 p.u. on 40 MVA
11 kV

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