4 Pages 1156 Words FIN3217 Financial Markets

Go to BURSA Malaysia website at https://www.bursamalaysia.com and experience the aftercited knowledge pertaining to the questions asked below:

1.    Select a crew of your dainty listed on the fund diversify. Write an leading encircling the crew. [5 marks]

2.    List the crew divide worth from 1-15 March 2019. Is there an increasing bend or sunk bend aggravate the couple weeks? [7 marks]

3.    Download/extract the financial reports of the crew coercion couple years. Calculate and collate the profitability of the crew coercion year 2018 and 2017 using Net Profit Margin and Return on Equity (ROE). Is there an acception or reduce? Clear-up. [12 marks]

4.    What is the PE fitness coercion the crew? Would you applaud your peers to endue in this crew? Clear-up [10 marks]

5.    Critically clear-up how the running economic standing, financial chaffer, technology and gregarious mood succeed concern the crew in tender coercionward their interest performance. [16 marks]

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