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Case con-over 1: Abidence and beginning Kit is a steady abiden t of Australia. He was born in C hile and keep s his Chilean citizenship. Kit spends most of the year instituted unstudied the strand of Indonesia on an oil rig coercion a United States corporation. He was rec r uited coercion this lesson in Australia and attested a abridge with the corporation her e. Coercion the latest foul-mouthed years, Kit ’ s spouse ha s lived in Australia with their span progeny. They purchased a settlement in Australia three year s since. Kit and his spouse entertain a knee bank recital with Westpac Bank. Kit ’ s allowance is remunerated straightway into his recital. All of the lineage ’ s other bombardments, including a divide portfolio that generates dividend allowance, accrue in Chile. Kit gets undivided month unstudied from operation integral third month and , on these occasions, he meets with his lineage either in Australia or on holidays encircling South America (usually in Chile where his parents abide). Discuss whether Kit is a abident of Australia and ho w his allowance and bombardment allowance would be taxed (10 marks, max. 1000 say).

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