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Assessment #2 – Learning design Assignment 2 – Learning Design Develop a Learning Design using single of the cethcoming questions: 1. How can humanity or wohumanity in prison endure to be locomotive parents? Referablee: wohumanity or humanity save referable twain OR 2. What are the collective needs of posterity in excite concern? OR 3. How can collective policies food refugees entering Australia? OR 4. In what ways can collective workers summon and countenancer on [introduce your separated collective effect] where collective uprightness is entity spoiled? The basic cemat ce the design is: a. Title b. Learning Question c. Presentation (you should accept 2 -4 presentation) d. Background and Significance (approx. 700 say) e. Methodology and Methods (approx. 800 say) f. Sample (how sundry, who (if mass) and how you get invigorate people or groups; what (if items – eg newspaper subscription in The Australian); dates if appropriate (approx. 300 say) g. Ethics (approx. 400 say) A inferential sense environing each of these categories and how to frame a learning design get be placed as a expression perfect on the learnonline seat.

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