4 Pages 1032 Words WSUD Technologies

1. Investigate the role of WSUD technologies for stormwater power curb 2. Select one WSUD technology (from percolable foot, unpractised roof, artful wetland, bio-filtration rule, etc).  3. Read 20 akin materials 4. Prepare a reconsideration tract on how the selected WSUD technology can be used for enhancing stormwater power 5. Your focus: Reconsideration and highlight the innovations and/ or operative treatments  __________________ 
Part (1) over can be multiply of your commencement, on outlining the role of WSUD in stormwater power curb, in general 
(2) and (3) are multiply of your methods 
(4) Give further substance on this multiply as this should be the collectiveness of your declaration.  
(5) You may parallel the operativeness of opposed models on how they improved the stormwater power, for illustration you can as-well exhibit their operativeness in enhancing stormwater power – treatments of stormwater pollutants – e.g. TSS, Tot-N, Tot-P, BOD, COD, depressed metals, pathogens, etc.  

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