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We entertain enactment encircling financing on entrepreneurship, including calculations as the following: 1. Valuation: Case 9.2 (in your textbook, pp. 309-313) "Valuing REACH Health Inc." Calculate the appreciate of REACH Health Inc. using multiples system. Calculate the appreciate of REACH Health Inc. using the Discounted Free Cash Flow system. Conduct a Scenario Analysis of your estimated Free Cash Flow Appreciate 2. Exit and Harvest: Case 10.2 (in your textbook, pp. 338-340) "The Sale of Hotmail"  Why do puerile ahead growing steadfasts relish Hotmail strive funding from Venture Capital steadfasts rather than from a bank of from the owners' careful? Why did the funders of JavaSoft consteadfast the ancient cannonade from DFJ rather than cannonade from Asian endowor that involved a loftier steadfast appreciate? Why rule DFJ entertain moderate the supplies that one of the founder's fathers must as-well endow $15,000?  What is the usage of funding a puerile steadfast relish Hotmail in mark rather than all at once? Why did Microsoft buy Hotmail?

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