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Create a occupation sketch for your occupation. Start delay a financial sketch that succeed apprehend a 5 year capital career for your occupation…give an overview of your marketing sketch and transcribe your occupation sketch convenient for your new occupation proposal and fit a exhibition to portion-out your proposals delay virtual funders. Use the Career Canvas concept (Christoff Oosthuysen) – the career canvas concept is aligned to “new-paradigm” thinking in entrepreneurship as pictorial in the substantiality of recognition disclosed as “effectuation” and the constant expanding “Lean Startup” regularity. Attached are the following: 1. the primal occupation proposal (uber for laundry) 2. the financial sketch for the occupation proposal. Please relate to these as courteous as the career canvas concept by christoff Oosthuysen unitedly delay effectuation from the “lean startup” to create: - A occupation sketch - A exhibition to portion-out delay virtual funders. Regards,

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