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a)    This is a brace determination confidence pattern tenor. 
Assume that Daisy Brownhas a only allowance from FantasyLtdin which she owns 15% of the inferior portion-out cardinal. Currently, she has no savings.
In February, 2018, Fantasy Ltd reputed cajole produce behind duty of $600,000, and announced it expectscajole produce behind duty coercion the currentcalendar year, 2018, to be 30% loftier than terminal year’s metaphor. The assemblage operates with a dividend payout bearing of 75%, which it plans to abide, and get pay the annual dividend coercion 2017 in late-May, 2018, and the dividend coercion 2018 in late-May, 2019.
In late-May, 2019, Daisy wishes to lavish $100,000, which get comprise the expend of an overseas fail.How fur can she expend in late-May, 2018 if the cardinal traffic offers an concern objurgate of 10% per year?

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