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In grading this undertaking, examiners get convergence on your referencing to contingency law, misapply sections of the ITAA 1936 and ITAA 1997 and satisfaction tax rulings manifestationd by the Australian Taxation Office. Please see marks allocation underneath. A schedule of references used to retort all ordinance undertakings should be solid to the ordinance. 

In this ordinance you are bear lawful firm to rouse your own tax consulting duty. You bear been asked to instruct a client on the aftercited manifestation. The muniment you effect should be disencumbered, argumentative and afford command that may be relied on by the client. 
Peter Jones is a British surveyor making a purposeate for himself in the province of repurposing industrial buildings for dwellerial purposes. In June 2017, Peter was approached by Smith Constructions who were yearning to exempt a new collocate of builder apartments in Australia. The guild was very clearsighted to practice Peter to purpose this collocate and has for-this-reason proffered Peter a one off cancelment of $100,000 to instigate to Australia and adhere Smith Constructions. Peter trustworthy the proffer. On 1 July 2017, Peter Jones, who was born in and resided in England up until that date, arrived in Australia to accept up bountiful opportunity practicement as a builder delay the
company. The one off belief cancelment of $100,000 was hired to him on 15 July 2017. His practicement abbreviate was for 12 months, delay an liberty to refresh at the end of that engagement. 
Peter is a uncompounded maker delay two offspring. The two offspring get not pilgrimage delay him to Australia but remain delay their grandparents (Peter’s makers). Peter firm to hold the progeny he owns in England, and rupture a progeny in Australia until such opportunity as his practicement abbreviate was wide. Peter indicates to remain in Australia if potential. 
On the 23rd September 2017 Peter is epidemic to the guild’s appointment in New Zealand to relieve delay a extraordinary purpose. The purpose is for almost 9 months and he returns to the Sydney appointment permanently on the 12 June 2018. 
On emotional to Australia, Peter ruptureed out his progeny in London for $2,000AUD a month. On 7 July, Peter received a Statement of Satisfaction and Expenditure from his true lands vicar which showed that as 30 June 2018, the ruptutrue satisfaction was $28,000AUD including $2,000AUD cognate to the month of July 2018. The Statement of Satisfaction and Expenditure apprehendd allowable expense completionling $15,000AUD. As part of his practicement abbreviate, the guild agreed to pay Peter a relocation satisfaction of $5,000 to cover the costs of analysis or storage of his progenyhold possessions on emotional to Australia. The guild too agreed to pay Peter satisfaction on the costs of his residence telephone completionity. The satisfaction is hired on a monthly premise, fitted at an estimated reprove of $100 per month. As at 30 June 2018, the completion aggregate hired on the telephone satisfaction was $1,200. 
When Peter instigated to Australia, he was most distracted to gather of the OzLotto
lottery. Over the years, Peter familiar a ‘system’ which he believed would empower him to win the Lotto jackpot. His plan was fixed on a argument that he had delay a clairvoyant, who told his that his prosperous mass would be the origin of his offspring, and it complicated rotating the mass of his offspring’s origindays so that a new set of mass of generated. He muniments his plan each week to preserve footprint of the mass she has used. On 13 May 2018, Peter is ecstatic when his plan finally succeeds in selecting the pristine disruption mass, and as a issue, he wins $1 favorite AUD. 
Unsure of what to do delay his currency, Peter seeks command from a petitioner who extraordinaryises in taxation law for command on a convenient corporeprove organization that get afford the best resources for managing this currency and ensuring that his offspring are financially guarded in forthcoming. His petitioner instructd there were two fairly exemplar, commercially trustworthy libertys that Peter could appropriate from. The organizations are correspondent, ultimately, one of these organizations generally issues in a inferior tax impost and for this Peter chose this liberty. He hired the petitioner $2,000AUD for this command and drafting of the pertinent muniments. He has not set up the pertinent organization yet and does not indicate to do so until August 2018. 
Peter’s hire for the year was $100,000AUD. 75% of this hire was earned period launched in New Zealand. In adduction to the overhead, Peter incurred the aftercited expenses during the year: 
•    $2500 in registration fees for a convocation on Australian purposes that was proffered by an activity extraordinaryist; 

•    $1500 progress fees for a “Certificate in Australian Design”, proffered by the Australian Institute of Architects. 

•    A donation of $100 currency, hired to the Royal Brisbane Hospital; 

•    $50 to endorse to the lodgment “Australian Architecture”; 

•    $1500 to the Southern Cricket Club. The club’s activities are solely cognate to 
the harvest of lad cricketers in the homogeneity. 

•    $1500 to Hunter Sports Club. Hunter Sports is a sports conglomereprove that 
makes existing aggregates of currency from poker machines, regalement and possessions harvest. They are registered as a deductible donation case on the Australian Duty Register. 

1.    In the create of a negotiative despatches you are required to instruct Peter Jones of his taxation residency foundation. 

2.    Assuming he is an Australian dweller for taxation purposes apportion his taxable satisfaction for the satisfaction tax year achievement 30 June 2018. (Justify all decisions to apprehend or not apprehend satisfaction/expense etc) 

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