21 Pages 5319 Words Strengths And/Or Weaknesses

There are a number of ways to corcorrespond to the labor fixed and unite the duty criteria. In being the interrogation asks you to: (a) Pick a few skillful-treatment challenges (we guide you convergence on couple) adept in the second half of the module (Week 6 and before), (b)  Provide an resolution of your separate strengths and weaknesses in relevancy to those challenges, (c) Provide evidence of these characteristics using examples from your possess performance and the activities you completed in the seminars (d) Reflect on how you may found on and develop your skills that conquer succor you to discourse these skillful-treatment challenges meliorate in the advenient. You can representation the aftercited impulse interrogations to eliminate your outline:

–          Which skillful-treatment challenges I scantiness to convergence on?

–          What were the guide theories/ ideas adept in the cognate consider units?

–          If I evaluate my skills, competencies, suitableness bearing to these skillful-treatment challenges/ theories what separate strengths and weaknesses I can confirm?

–          What are some separate habits and incidents that would influence my self-evaluation of separate strengths and weaknesses?

–          How these strengths and/or weaknesses benefited/or hindered me as part of that incidents?

–          Do the theories succor me aid expound what happened in these incidents and what I bear accustomed and why?

–          What are the guide knowledge points from this habit? How would I observe to eliminate this characteristic aid in the advenient? How force I found on my popular strengths and weaknesses?

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