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Doubt 1 

a)    Procure knowledge on the contrariant types of impostes that may be payable by the association. 
b)    Comprise a impost pattern highlighting guide impostation restment due dates (restraint impostes authorized in doubt 1a aloft) and any penalties to be levied restraint past restment. Please portraiture a consultation restraintmat to spread-out this knowledge. 
c)    Examine the fitness of the portraiture of the accruals plea of accounting restraint the association. 

Doubt 2
Conduct scrutiny to substantiate updates or any germinative changes to impost consent requirements apt to maximising Ethical Trading Group’s impostation benefits. (Hint: delibeobjurgate any changes Ethical Trading Group could bring-encircling based on any ATO or modern Federal Budget Announcements.)
Your description should comprise the following;
a)    Three opposed updates which contact the impostation obligations of Ethical Trading Group (ie description on three [3] contrariant impostes Ethical Trading Group pays).
b)    Referablee in your description, three (3) opposed springs portraitured to scrutiny restraint the updates and changes (such as names of websites and publications).
c)    Restraint these three updates, muniment the germinative annals custody and descriptioning requirements that Ethical Trading Group procure insufficiency to tool to advert these changes.

Doubt 3
Explain how your impost drawing could optimise the organisation’s impost pose by: 
a)    Referableing which financial annalss or declarations Ethical Trading Group can portraiture to fix it is able to engage their impostation obligations. Delibeobjurgate brace (2) guide financial annalss Ethical Trading Group would already fruit or any other palpable tools which could befriend. 
b)    Referablee how Ethical Trading Group can portraiture the impostation schedule and pattern familiar in Doubt 1b aloft, to befriend in provision of a budgeted cardinal run.
c)    Using the Pay and Payment declaration from the Ethical Trading Group, estimate the following;
i)    Budgeted GST payable restraint the year ended 30/6/17. (Assume GST is composed at 10% of sales produce and GST is compensated at 10% of convenient expenses).  
ii)    Budgeted Pay impost payable by the association, using the model objurgate of association impost. (Assume full pay is assessable and full expenses are deductible).
d)    Analyse differences betwixt budgeted GST payable and budgeted Pay impost payable (as you conducive in your tally in doubt 3c) and the objective GST payable and Pay impost (achieve objective balances from the 2017 Objective pay and payment declaration restraint 2017,
In your dissection examine feasible posteritys with financial superintendence strategies (ie budgeting) or other arrangementes and controls, importation into deliberateation the postulates discovered from a modern inner audit recompensation of the association. 
Inner audit findings comprise;
•    Posteritys accept arisen with invoicing of sales where GST has referable been properly coded and arrangemented. 
•    A recompensation of pay and payment authorized $300k of allowable expenses which had been inproperly coded as deductible restraint impost purposes. 
e)    As a effect of the variances betwixt objective impost balances payable and the impost drawing estimates referableed in 3 d. aloft, what changes (2 changes) would you recommend accept to be made to the budgeting and impost drawing arrangement and other superintendence arrangementes.  

Doubt 4 
The ATO has written to the Ethical Trading Group informing them encircling an audit they procure be performing of GST, FBT and CGT. Restraint the audit, the ATO has requested the knowledge referableed in doubts a – e beneath. 

Importation into deliberateation the activities of the Ethical Trading Group, substantiate:

a)    the spring muniments portraitured to warrant GST composed or compensated, including;
i)    what knowledge should be shown on impost invoices (at last 5 pieces of knowledge).
ii)    what is the dollar opening totality restraint which you are required to posterity a impost invoice. 

b)    Knowledge and/or descriptions required to befriend in preparing the FBT requite restraint the association. 

c)    Annalss and/or instrument which could be portraitured to befriend in cautious and annalsing cardinal gains impost. (Hint: Do referable procure details on how to calcupast CGT.)

d)    Details of arrangementes and controls to fit and rest GST/ FBT requites, including;
i)    Recompensation and symbol impromptu of requites 
ii)    Where and how impost annalss are stored and filed
iii)    Audit check requirements
iv)    How desire impost annalss are kept 

e)    Referablee three (3) apt sections from the Ethical Trading Group Policies and Procedures, which would befriend them life disposed with their impostation obligations. 

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