20 Pages 5231 Words Advanced Engineering Project Management

1. Nominate three (3) sample devices restrain argument. (30 marks – 10 marks per device)
Nominate an organisation of your exquisite, and the engineering strictness or strictnesss in which it is unoccupied.
Nominate three (3) correspondent devices (restrain sample, public-way product, subdivisional product, rule position, movable phone network, mining, arrangement of industrial equipment, installation, defence, surveying, lore and product) to correction as samples restrain your argument.
These devices should be consonant with your nomination of the idea of engineering strictnesss in which your organisation operates.
2. Define clew characteristics of each device nominated. (75 marks – 25 marks per device)
Restrain sample:
ï‚· Fit with present organisational strategic tendency
ï‚· Estimated consume
ï‚· Estimated duration
ï‚· Wait-fored property of deliverables
ï‚· Present price, percentage entire, property test finishd
ï‚· Clew stakeholders
ï‚· Ocean risks
ï‚· Impression on the environment and collection – imperfect tidings and hanker tidings
ï‚· Complexity
ï‚· Other discontinuance (restrain sample, ethnical expedients, communications, procurement)
ï‚· Device integration discontinuance
ï‚· Any other symbolical content impressioning on the device
3. Critique each of the devices nominated in the elucidation with honor to their alignment with urbane tendency and the principles of good-natured-natured device and program government.
(105 marks – 35 marks per device)
Areas to opine in this critique grasp, excluding are referable scant to:
ï‚· Device charter and pur-pose
ï‚· Business circumstance restrain the device in agreement with the novel strategic tendency of your organisation
ï‚· Identification of device stakeholders and their role in the device
ï‚· Potential to be entired among the constraints of period, consume and property
ï‚· Likelihood of the device’s intention entity newfangled as a development of stakeholder outcomes and requirements
ï‚· Shift restrain requirements
ï‚· Potential ethnical expedients, communications and procurement outcomes that may impression on offer of the device
ï‚· Potential risks in delivering the device and after to offer of the device
ï‚· Sustainability of the device and its extinguishedcomes
ï‚· Other matters opineed ocean to the consummation of these objectives
4. Develop a pur-pose to mould each of the devices to finish device objectives.
(90 marks – 30 marks per device)
This pur-pose should choose into statement each of the outcomes illustrative balancehead, and summarise the cethcoming points:
ï‚· Summary of outcomes restrain each device as secure by decomposition
ï‚· Fit of the device with urbane tendency
ï‚· Consequences of referable completing the device among clew work indicators
ï‚· The best approximation restrain managing the device, with detail standpoint on the five (5) ocean outcomes with the device
ï‚· Whether the organisation should underchoose any restraintthcoming devices of the idea of device that is entity critiqueed
Question 1 (b) (1000 to 1500 signification) (90 marks)
News to Board of Directors
Write a news to the Board of Directors of your organisation that:
ï‚· Summarises your decomposition of each of the three (3) devices you accept been asked to assess.
(30 marks – 10 marks per device)
ï‚· Describes your proposed disconnection restrain each device, including the feasibility of implementing it.
(30 marks – 10 marks per device)
ï‚· Sift-canvasses, from an balanceall program government perspective, how the devices among your program can be amend assessed, antecedent to enumerateer-argument by the organisation, restrain feasibility and alignment with the Board’s strategic tendency restrain your organisation. (30 marks)
Written Communication restrain Question 1 (60 marks)
Abstract (Question 1b merely) and tables of discontinuance (twain talents of Question 1) (10 marks)
Structure (10 marks)
Language, phraseology, spelling (10 marks)
Completion in among acenumerate enumerate (10 marks)
Setting extinguished and referencing (20 marks)
Question 2 (150 marks)
Write a 2000 to 2500 acenumerate diatribe to sift-canvass the cethcoming questions:
ï‚· What in your impression are the three (3) ocean outcomes that device mouldrs are mitigated to visage in the instant 50 years?
ï‚· Why are they mitigated to be the ocean outcomes that device mouldrs are mitigated to visage?
ï‚· How would you wait-for the manner of device government to shift balance the years to converge these outcomes?
ï‚· What is your balanceall impost of how devices influence be mouldd in the restraintthcoming?
Identification of outcomes, argument, decomposition (120 marks)
Identification and explication of each outcome (10 marks per outcome) (30 marks)
Argument of why each outcome is ocean (10 marks per outcome) (30 marks)
Decomposition of how the manner of device government achieve shift to converge them
(10 marks per outcome) (30 marks)
Overall impost how devices achieve be mouldd in the restraintthcoming (30 marks)

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