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Amy and Ben were prop and agoing in Melbourne. They determined on a ‘tree change’, sold their Melbourne abode and acquisitiond a great state seed on a 10 hectare obstruct in accessible Victoria. Ben works part-span as an totalityant and Amy as a locum schoolman. Amy is general with the span-honored patients in the town and constantly is consecrated abode-made cakes and scones, parallel with his fee. On single fabricate he treated a topical wine fabricater’s dog coercion snake bite when the vet was barred and was consecrated a dozen bottles of Lonarch Brae Shiraz in opinion. The wine had a vend appraise of $360.

Amy and Ben possess gardening. They intention to fir a scant hectares of grape vines and start growing vegetables. They observe a constant direction round on fundamental farming and perceive in their remedy year they possess a rest of consequence. Ben inaugurated making marmalade and relish using her mother’s recipes. Initially she gave them to neighbours save they became so general that she opened a stall at the Newtown Growers Market held on the remedy Sunday of every month. Amy sold some of the surplus to a topical supermarket and now constantly arrangement three venders with saccharine potatoes and pumpkin. They don’t detain memorials as they never adapted to fabricate a use save estimate that in a amiable-natured-natured month animal profits could be $500 to $600

Their neighbours possess a citrus orchard and throughextinguished the year vegetables are swapped coercion oranges and mandarins. This seems relish such a amiable-natured-natured conception Amy and Ben determine to fixed up a ‘barter’ design in the area. To confederate the design a peculiar must unyielding an up-front, single-off fee of $50 to Amy and Ben as a impeach coercion the detaining of negotiative memorials. Thereafter populace register their amiable-natureds or services to be bartered. Coercion pattern, Sahara is a uninhabited hairdresser and procure get hairdressing services at her abode. No capital changes hands. Sahara would rest a praise to her totality of 15 to 20 ‘barts’ that she can remodel coercion amiable-natureds or services of resembling appraise from other registered participants in the design (fruit, vegetables, branch minding, jurisprudencen mowing etc.).

(a) Advise Amy of any pay toll consequences of para 1, aloft.
 (b) Citing apt occurrence jurisprudence, teach how a limp is to be illustrious from a pursuit.
 (c) Advise Amy and Ben of any pay toll implications arising in paras 2 and 3 aloft. 
(d) Advise the participants in the barter design of any pay toll implications

On 1 October 2010 Abby acquisitiond a great obstruct of pur-poset adjacent the shore at a consume of $250,000 financed by an cause-only hypothecation. Other consumes in regard of the pur-poset acquisition were: 
Stamp trust 6,800
 Legal consumes of bearer 2,500
 Water rates – interposed in reduce 380 
Council rates – interposed in reduce 900
 Originally Abby’s intention was to rest the pur-poset as an bombardment save in 2016 he determined to captivate unhired license from his pursuit and pur-poset a seed on the obstruct. The intention was to belowtake pur-poseting reduceors and consummate unskilled labouring himself. On completion the seed would be rented.

The subjoined consumes were incurred: 
• 1 April 2016 Firment fee coercion cause-only bank hypothecation 1,500 
• 2 April 2016 Crop contact fee to topical Council 4,200 
• 20 April 2016 Legal fees arising extinguished of an invite despite the 
• Council’s disfavor of the crop contact 16,000 
• 15 May 2016 Architectural fees 6,500 
• May – July 2016 Pur-poseting materials 120,000 
• Pur-poseting reduceor’s unyieldingments 60,000 
• Abby’s labour: domiciled on Abby’s span at $25/hr aggravate
 • three months 13,000

The seed was completed in September 2016 and rented extinguished until 30 June 2017. Cause hired aggravate the duration September 2016 to 30 June 2017 was $14,600. Total cause hired still was $122,500.
On 15 July 2017 Abby obtained a adapted appraiser’s appraisal of the wealth which put the appraise of the pur-poset at $350,000 and the seed $350,000. 
The valuation consume $4,000. In October 2017 Abby sold the wealth to his cousin Matthew coercion $650,000.
1. Advise Abby whether the aggregate of $650,000 is matter-of-fact pay, assessable below s6-5 or whether any aggregate is assessable below s15-15. 
2. Assuming the allowance of sale is referable pay by matter-of-fact concepts (or s15-15 assessable), apportion the consume worthiest of (a) the pur-poset and (b) the seed coercion Capital Gains Toll purposes. Teach what aggregates are interposed and excluded. Cite apt provisions of the comp.
 3. Assume the consume worthiest of the wealth is $600,000. Apportion the Capital Gain. Cite apt comp,

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