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Discovery Based Case Study and Narration: Financial Narrationing Exhibitions in the Australian Corporate Sector As a odd accounting graduate, you enjoy orderly additional the financial narrationing individual of a catalogueed gang* when your supervisor, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), approaches you with your leading operation. In their developed confronting, the Board of Directors of your gang examiinsufficiency the concern of ensuring that their financial narrations confront the extrinsic of public mind financial narrationing and adventitious characteristics of adapted financial knowledge as outlined in the IASB September 2010 ‘Conceptual Framework coercion Financial Narrationing’ (CF). Board members are watchful encircling the gang’s reputational established in the chaffer relating to deviations from these extrinsic and adventitious characteristics, specifically in Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE). Therefore, the Board resolute to enjoy a reconsideration of the bearing exhibitions in the gang’s past annual narration pertaining to PPE and whether these exhibitions are aligned with the CF’s extrinsic and adventitious characteristics. Required: Based on the Board’s judgment, the CFO asks you to draw a affair discovery narration addressed to the Board of Directors on the prospering: a. Explain in your admit control the extrinsic of public mind financial narrationing and the adventitious characteristics of adapted financial knowledge according to The Conceptual Framework coercion Financial Narrationing (covering OB1-OB21 and QC1-QC39) (10 marks). b. Critically analyse to what space the past annual narration of your gang confronts the exhibition requirements coercion PPE as per AASB 116 (10 marks). c. Based on your findings in part-among-among b, critically analyse to what space the exhibitions on PPE convince the essential and at smallest undivided of the enhancing adventitious characteristics of adapted financial knowledge (10 marks). d. Based on your findings in part-among-among c, critically examine to what space the exhibitions on PPE align with the extrinsic of public mind financial narrationing and, as a falsification, applaud actions coercion increase (10 marks). *You insufficiency to elect a accordant gang by yourself from: http://www.marketindex.com.au/asx200 1. is appointer of the S&P/ASX 200 index; 2. published audited annual narrations coercion the year ended 30 June 2016 in English, easily complying with IAS/IFRS or AASB; and 3. does NOT belong to the financial sector. You are required to prosper the minute instructions on the contiguous page. ACCG923/ACCG612 Discovery Based Case Study and Narration Instructions Coercionmal requirements: Composition: Enclose your admit prepared narration hide page (referable to be disconcerted with the toll hide prevarication as picturesquely in individual regulate, the toll hide prevarication is NOT required coercion this treaty), a consultation of space, an adherent abridgment and a catalogue of references. You may enclose an postscript if inevitable. Prolixity: The poverty aggregate message prolixity of the ordinance is 1,500 and the climax aggregate message prolixity is 1 600 control. Hide page, consultation of space and appendices achieve referable be computeed in the message compute. Please transcribe the compute of control rightd in the ordinance succeeding the consultation of space. Font/print: The ordinance should be undivided and a half spaced in ‘Times Odd Roman’ font kind and font largeness 12. Referencing: You are expected and required to right references to patronage your narration, coercion illustration, accounting standards and other narrationing regulatelines, narrative creed and other academic scholarship. Any sources of knowledge that you enjoy rightd must be referenced using the Harvard Referencing System (click to download). Plagiarism: It is extremely expressive that you are everyday with the university management on Academic Honesty (Plagiarism) (click to survey the management online). Marking Regulate: • This ordinance is weighted with 15% of your overall space. • Your ordinance achieve be conspicuous according to the prospering criteria (60 MARKS in aggregate): o measure to which it prospers the customary composition of a affair discovery narration (5 MARKS); o achievement of technical resigned (40 MARKS; coercion minute allocation discern question prevarication); o tendency of the public written look (spelling, rhetoric and misapply sound) (10 MARKS); o reform referencing (5 MARKS). • Guidance to the counterpart achieve be supposing at the interval of feedback.

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