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The enactment requires you to agree a occupation tidings using the temppast that has been granted on blackboard. The enactment must be your own identical product, i.e. it is not a collection enactment. If it is believed that a novice has copied representative from another novice or any other fountain outside delayhold referencing, the needful enjoyment achieve be charmed subordinate the University’s Novice Academic Integrity - Governing Policy: (http://www.usc.edu.au/explore/policies-and-procedures/student-academic-integritygoverning-policy). Therefore, it is crucial that you agree exhaustive referencing for any and all fountains of counsel that you use in preparing your enactment. This embraces twain in-text references and a register of references at the end of your enactment.
Other public points environing the enactment:
• The enactment should merely be submitted electronically via Safe Enactment on the BUS106 Blackboard standing. If you ambition to devote for an production to your meekness age, gladden email the manner coordinator (Kirsty Dunbar kdunbar@usc.edu.au) to decipher the plight and conjoin any needful supported munimentation.
• Past penalties achieve be applied to all enactments submitted succeeding Friday 29th September, 2017 by midnight (Week 9) outside an current production. More details on past penalties are granted in the manner delineation.
• It is not needful to embrace an aggravateall quittance for the enactment.
• The suggested sum engagement estimate is closely 1,500 engagements. Your enactment should hence be betwixt 1,300-1,800 engagements. The supporter analysis, tables and references are not embraced in the engagement estimate.
• Your enactment engagement muniment can be formatted using 12pt font in either Ariel or Times New Rowman delay 1.5 sequence spacing. Additional requirements are registered in the template.
• This enactment requires that you own a restriction of 5 references (including your textbook).

Investment One Requirements
a. Identify and decipher the naturalness and intention of bombardments to Mark and Paul.
b. Using the counsel confer-uponed aggravatehead, agree the aftercited budgets for June, July, August and September:
• Sales budget
• Specie budget
• Labour budget
(Assume there are 4 weeks per month)
c. In your own engagements, crucially analyse the three budgets and the forecasted counsel that Mark and Paul own granted. Agree a argument on what each of these budgets say environing their new germinative bombardment (Hint: section 9)
d. What useful posteritys should Mark and Paul meditate when making their determination to endow in the restaurant? (Hint: section 12).
Investment Two
The cooperate occasion is to endow their funds in a new occupation harvest on the Gold Coast delay other venture-capital endowors. The bombardment requires $390,000 from Mark and Paul. The bombardment promises net specie inflows aggravate the four years of the bombardment of $100,000, $230,000, $190,000 and $140,000 respectively. The absorb of the funds is 12 per cent.
Investment Two Requirements
a. Calcupast the net confer-upon prize, accounting rate of requite and payback epoch (illusion all productings) and identify what they say environing this bombardment (Hint: Section 12).
b. Compare and dissimilarity the two bombardments. Which bombardment would be best for Mark and Paul? (Hint: Are the bombardments resembling? Do they own abundance funds? Are the attested naturalness and intention of bombardments and the useful posteritys associated delay the bombardments going to be an posterity for Paul and Mark? Are these bombardments convenient for Mark and Paul’s needs? Do Mark and Paul own abundance skills and occasion?).

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