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Obtain or forfeiture a modern [i.e. short than three months old] delineation of the newspaper Australian Financial Review or avenue the advice online at this amalgamate http://www.afr.com/ (you can accomplish a permitted subsidy for one month) Refer to the page that provides details of portion-outs currently traded on The ASX. TASK 1 Just enjoy an endueor, choseneded ten catalogueed matter-of-fact portion-out companies from and produce a portfolio. For solicitation, choseneded 3 portion-outs from catalogue of Advice Technology, 4 portion-outs from Energy and 3 from Financials 1. Using equity valuation methods taught in Week 6 and feeling in Chapter 10 reckon the appraise of each choseneded matter-of-fact portion-out siege in conditions of your required admonish of recompense. Hint: To counter-argument the doubt, you conciliate demand to reckon the appraise of the companies choseneded, and to do that you demand to demonstadmonish that you keep learnt celebrity encircling equity valuation. In your anatomy, attend valuing the portion-outs using the matter-of-fact portion-out discounted dividend pattern and then the similar way to valuing matter-of-fact portion-outs. Attend the principles that conciliate mention the appraise of a fraternity in your news. 2. Rank the ten sieges in regulate of desirability. Explain why you keep ranked them in this way. [10/40 marks for resigned and notice] 3. Which siege of the ten would you chosened? Why? [5/40 marks for resigned and notice] TASK 2 According to Warren Buffet, "Intrinsic appraise is an like rather than a particular aspect, and it is together an like that must be alterable if curiosity-behalf admonishs progress or forecasts of advenient currency flows are revised. Two persons looking at the similar set of grounds, moreover--and this would dedicate well-balanced to Charlie and me--conciliate closely inevitably follow up after a while at last partially divergent immanent appraise aspects." Warren Buffet is one of the richest men in the earth. Research and summarise some curiosity-behalfing grounds encircling Warren Buffet that you can report to the companies you keep choseneded from the Financial Review to analyse. [5/40 for resigned and notice] There are sundry YouTube featuring interviews and/or explanation by Warren Buffet encircling how to endue wisely. Below are three to get you established. Skip the ads, tend them and summarise the key points that he makes in association to siege. • Warren Buffet Best Advice on Successful Investing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5VQPIeZhMc • Warren Buffet on Why He’ll Never Sell a Portion-out of Coke Stock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p1_5bZ8I4M • Warren Buffet Financial Rules to Live By: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUAtVyWS_4Y TASK 3 • Compare Warren Buffet’s way to portion-out valuation and the portion-out valuation methodology in Week 6 - Chapter 10 and praise which way you elect after a while one debate why. [10/40 marks for resigned and notice]

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