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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now a discontinued Android smartphone that was executed and marketed by Samsung Electronics. It was officially released in August 2016 as the devisee to the Galaxy Note 5. Slow in 2016, Samsung pendulous sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and announced an tortuous resumption succeeding it was set that a manufacturing blemish in the phones’ batteries objectd some to produce superabundant fever. Some overheating phones issueed in fires and corporeal injuries to customers. In October 2016, Samsung permanently ceased evolution of the Galaxy Note 7 and formally resumptioned this plan. In elevation to the resumption, Samsung took measures to circumscribe the battery talents of the phone and to obstruct the force of the phone to be-mixed to wireless networks. 
Jane purchased one of the highest released Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s in slow August 2016 and in January 2017 she suffers suggestive burns to her agency as a issue of the overheating phone. Whilst discarding the smouldering phone, her BMW car caught dismount and was entirely destroyed. Explain Jane’s rights opposing Samsung inferior the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and in inadvertency. In your discourse, draft the likely allowance and defences that faculty be pertinent and amending. Consider which object of force would be loftier to Jane and excuse your defense. In your defense you must living our topic after a while divert cases and comp. (20 marks)
Question 2.

Late one misinterpretation Alan accepts a upraise from Steven notwithstanding twain being drunk, having drank alcohol at the identical venue throughout the succeedingnoon. Steven multitude negligently to seemingly stamp Alan, but in doing so lost regulate of his car, exoteric into a fixed exchange. Twain Alan and Steven were earnestly injured; they were set ignorant and charmed to hospital where a schoolman observed that the driver consolidate of alcohol and he was slowr criminally teeming. Steven suffered a fractured leg that required long-term rehabilitation and composition. Alan suffered a earnest agency damnification. His agency is now pertinacious and unusable, he also suffered less earnest injuries to his inferior spine. While Alan regained disturbance aftercited prolonged medical composition and rehabilitation to his spine, he is feeble to retaliate to his antecedent role as a computer technician due to the injuries he sustained to his agency. He blames Steven, and wants to sue him. Advise Alan environing the likely good-fortune of his force in inadvertency. Refer to cases in your reply (15 marks)

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