1) Where is the headquarter of your company?

1) Where is the headquarter of your assemblage?  2) Who is the CEO, CFO?   3) When was your assemblage founded?  4) In which supply negotiate the assemblage’s supply is trading and what is the ticker disposition?   5) What is your assemblage’s earliest office succession?  6) What is the magnitude of your assemblage? (Total property, aggregate sales, aggregate calculate of employees)  7) Who are the biggest competitors of your assemblage?   8)   What is the EPS, PE affinity, dividend comply for your assemblage? (Compare departed 3 years and to competitors). 9) What is the negotiate cost of supply? (graph on excel the departed operation of the assemblage’s daily supply cost for the departed two years along after a while the negotiate index— twain at the similar graph!)   10) What is your assemblage`s and its competitors’ ROA and ROE for departed two years? (graphs)   

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