1. What are the company’s inventory period

1.       What are the company’s list epoch, receivables epoch, and payables epoch? (Round entire epochs to right integer.)

2.       What are the company’s liberal and capital cycles?

3.       How do the company’s liberal and capital cycles parallel to the perseverance mediocre of 30 and 20 days, respectively?

4.       If the company’s customers’ mediocre capital cycle and liberal cycle are 30 and 40 days, respectively, what can we rehearse encircling the company’s merit address management of intrap 30?

5.       What is the company’s mediocre daily collation transport? Their mediocre daily expenditure transport? (Note #1: Right mediocre mail transport to proportion collation stay. Note #2: Right mediocre daily consume of issue sold to proportion mediocre daily expenditure transport, and right mediocre daily merit sales to proportion mediocre daily collation transport.)

6.       What is their intrap transport?

7.       What is the serviceable annual cause reprove on the company’s thread of merit? What is the company’s annual short-term cause expenditure naturalized on this serviceable annual reprove?

8.       What accomplish be the intrap transport if they receive up the Bank of Mount Royal’s volunteer restraint same-day pawn of their cheques?

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