1. Use the room nights actually picked up

1.    Use the margin nights really picked up by each clump in your calculations and when determining margins shackled.
2.    Include all projected margin nights when careful each suggestion. Ex) When you detail the returns achievable by either the Religious or Corporate clump, you would involve the margin nights for the clump already booked (Fraternity) and the fugitive margins forecasted.
3.    When supply in the margins sold if you are in an overbooked plight by preamble one clump you deficiency to weaken the fugitive fill.
4.    Please voice that the F&B prominence for the Corporate clump is granted in the Case Study
5.    The forthcoming statistics you obtain use  installed on:
•    Your ultimate require is $23.00
•    CMRw is .35
•    Average non-margin return per visitor margin is $55.00

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