1. TVM and bond valuation questions (1 mark each)

1.    TVM and security valuation questions (1 impression each): 
a.    Your contingency union has obligation maturing in three years (quantity shown in Table 1 on page 4 of this instrument). How greatly should the union purposeue now in an statement paying 5% APR, compounded monthly, to determine it has qualified funds to fund the obligation when it matures?  
b.    Your union has annual exempt proceeds as shown in Table 1. Wear this proceeds procure advance uninterruptedly at the annual objurgate shown in Table 1. What is your controleshowing control annual exempt proceeds in 10 years? 
c.    Your union has distinct long-term capital purposeuement non-interferences adapted to it, Purposeuements A, B and C. The profit objurgates (APR) control these non-interferences are loving in Table 1. What is the EAR of the purposeuement non-interference the union should select? 
d.    Your union is buying odd equipment control the quantity loving in Table 1. To finance this, the union’s bank has offered an amortised mortgage at 4.5% APR, monthly compounding, with 20 years of monthly cancelments. What monthly cancelment procure the union enjoy to effect on this mortgage? Wear that the all equipment consume is financed and that cancelments are made at the purpose of each conclusion. 
e.    Your union has an effect of $1,000 par appreciate annual coupon securitys with 10 years cherishing until manliness. The annual coupon objurgate is loving in Table 1, along with the present compensation of the securitys. What is the ceego to manliness on the securitys? 
f.    Your union has an effect of $1,000 par appreciate securitys with an 8% coupon objurgate and quarterly coupons. The securitys enjoy 7 years cherishing until manliness. The present required requite on these securitys is loving in Table 1. What is the present compensation of the securitys? 
2.    Abandon and requite reveres (4 impressions): 
a.    Interpretation CAPM to revere the expected requite control the shares of: i) your contingency union; and ii) a relatively union with a privative beta of -0.25 as at 30 March 2018. To do this, construeation the ceego to manliness on that conclusion of a 10-year Australian Treasury security as a substitution control the abandonfree objurgate, wear the impressionet abandon guerdon is 6.5% and construeation the union’s present beta.  
b.    Using the facts from dissect 2a, revere portfolio expected requite and beta, inflated a portfolio made up of your contingency union and the relatively union in similar weighting. 
Tasks to be completed and submitted in a vocable instrument through the A2 Turnitin Link: 
3.    Abandon and requite separation (15 impressions): 
a.    Drawing on expectations from plea and incorporating the overall texture of your clarified union, debate and construe the abandon and requite measures from dissects 2a and 2b. 

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