1) The New City council recently passed an ordinance revising

1)    The New City assembly recently passed an institute revising the hiring criteria for national conduct workers. The criteria adduce to those who produce-an-effect and adhere-to national conduct equipment, but not to those on the City’s National Conduct Board, which sets management for the transit plan. One standard is that conduct employees be United States citizens. The assembly armed the citizenship limitation as serving the city’s profit in having workers of sound faithfulness.

Mark Sheehan, a burning inhabitant of the United States, sued New City on the constitutionality of the new institute. What is the slight outcome

2)    A topical regalement exception of a newspaper published a anecdote on the town’s matter environs, accompanied by photos of several matteres in the environs. A subserve who happened to be walking on the sidewalk in front of an adult bookstore when a photo was enslaved for the anecdote became very capsize when he saw it in the newspaper, consequently the camera angle made it show that he was exiting the bookstore.

If the subserve sues the newspaper, what is the best constitutional plea (producer of force) to win the occurrence?

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