1. Summarise your answers for Parts A and B

1. Summarise your answers for Parts A and B of the assembly rumor.  
2. Introduce and debate the tabulation of your answers in 10 minutes (5 minutes for each divorce).  
3. The Donation allure be manufactured in rank or video recording. Your lecturer allure guide which is over misspend.   
a. Whether in-rank or video donation, all members must introduce. The assembly allure be conspicuous down if not all members introduce.   
4. Video coalesce must be uploaded to a publicly-viewable video sharing platform (ex. Youtube, Dropbox, Google stimulate) and the video coalesce uploaded on Blackboard.  
5. A video donation consists of twain images and audio. For this conclude, a unencumbered Power Point donation showing slides equable delay cognate control recording is not considered a video and, future, not allowed

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