(1) Recently, Tesla Motors raised at least $1.8 billion

(1) Recently, Tesla Motors high at smallest $1.8 billion in Corporate associations, priced at 5.3%, 8-year notes. The associations were subordinated to over main claim and running a B- rating from S&P and a B3 rating from Moody’s. Moody’s Corporate Rating was B2. Using the security analytics discussed in our rank, what does your assembly reckon should be Tesla’s association rating? Would your vindication exexchange if the decided high an appended $1 billion in associations to coalesce evolution objectives? Given your vindication, what is your expected cumulative PD and LGD restraint Tesla restraint the proximate five (5) years?  Please production on these questions with no less than couple (2) members and no over than three (3). These assemblys should so be a sub-assembly of your running con-over assemblys. DO NOT present with other assemblys members with i-elation to any air of these questions, including those beyond of your self-appointed sub-group. Limit your vindication to no over than three (3) pages, including Exhibits.         
PART 2  
1.  An being that is suitable specie in Bankruptcy is determined a…? A.  Trustee     C.  Securityor B. Claimor      D.  Party in Interest  
2.  What is the Z-Score?  
A. A habit to restraintecast retrieval in   D. A resources of predicting market  bankruptcy      distant default

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