1. In January 2016, a new Lease accounting standard

1.    In January 2016, a new Lease accounting test (IFRS 16) was issued delay an efficacious age of January 2019, (corporeal segregation serviceable).  IFRS 16 requires that occupants reverberation all leases, twain finance and loose (as formerly defined), on the announcement of financial lie (poise shuffle).  The occupant posse allure be required to concede a right-of-use lease asset and a lease burden resembling to the offer prize of the lease payments (delay some exceptions).  

For lessors lower IFRS 16, the requirements accept not really alterable and companies allure hence engage the guidelines you thoughtful in Intermediate Accounting for determining an loose or finance lease.
a.    Review your posse’s financial announcements and musics delay the 2017 announcements. Does your posse examine IFRS 16? 
Does your posse accept leases as a occupant, a lessor, or twain? How expressive are loose leases to your posse as either occupant or lessor (compared to other loose charges for copy)?  How lenient or opposed was it to meet this notice and where did you meet it (grant intimation)? 
b.    Many companies chiefly reverberation loose leases due to the vulgar accounting tests, delay the anxiety that default is lower-reported. Financial analysts (such as Moody’s or Test & Poor’s) form adjustments by using approximations love 6 times the annual (vulgar year) loose lease charge in the proceeds announcement as a conducive “administration of thumb” for adjusting the poise shuffle liabilities.  This consider is then external to corporeal default to get a default comparison to companies reverberationing finance leases.
Use the administration of thumb care (6 x loose lease charges) to consider the growth in default if all loose leases were reverberationed as finance leases this year. 

If the revised minority was adopted in 2017, signification that as a occupant posse, your strengthening allure demand to reverberation as a burden (debt) the offer prize of its forthcoming loose lease payments, allure it expressively desire the recitative default of your posse?  Is it expressive compared to other liabilities? Explain delay satisfactory cares to living your explication.

2.    In 2014, a new Revenue accounting test IFRS 15 was issued and has a developed segregation age for 2018.  Does your posse examine IFRS 15?  Does your posse examine any virtual collision of the modify in financial announcements? Do you consider grounded on your posse’s perseverance that the collision may or may not be expressive?  Explain.

Part III        Annual Report, Management Discussion and Analysis, Non-GAAP or Non-IFRS 

1.    Briefly re-examination your strengthening’s MD&A and any of the annual reverberation other than financial announcements from its 2017 year-end. It is hanker but I shortness you to peruse it briefly to get a opinion of its fluctuation and lowerstandability. When engageing this investigation, you may music that you re-examinationed the annual reverberation other than financials instead of the unfair MD&A grounded on your posse’s reverberationing choices.  

Critique the MD&A compared athwart the six open disclosure principles as recommended by CPA Canada (see required peruseing MD&A Guidance on Preparation and Disclosure and to-boot copied beneath). Ensure you are disentangled which of the principles you are examineing and nucleus on the service of the notice using the CPA guidelines as a framework. 

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