1. In a competitive economy, ‘

1. In a competitive skillful-treatment, ‘consumer sway’ assumes that buyers swing formation decisions. Discuss the expectation that the whim of benefit-service maximisation is consonant with consumer sway. You should illustrate the office economics concepts or models and exercitation.   (20 marks) (600 say).   
(Learning issue 1 and 6)  
2. Consumers allure consequence and services from diverse companies including Tesco, British Airways, the McDonald’s restaurant, and the hairdressers. Produce a noise that critically examines the market building, claim and contribute. Your vindication should embrace twain the system of office concepts and tentative evidences. (600 say) (20 marks).  (Learning issue 3 and 6)  
3. As a office supervisor, dissect of your day-to-day roles embraces importation decisions on the firm’s media (e.g. growing the office to finish the firm’s objectives). Two concepts entertain been supreme to the objectives of financial skillful-treatment – riches maximisation and benefit-service maximisation. (a) Compare and dissimilarity riches maximisation and benefit-service maximisation (300 say) (b) Discuss the assertion that riches maximisation is conspicuous to benefit-service maximisation (300 say). Your vindication should embrace twain the system and concepts taught in this module with pertinent provided examples. (Total 600 say)  (20 marks

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