1. Imagine that you have the ability to travel through time,

1. Imagine that you possess the force to peregrination through duration, up to and
including subordinate to the year 1900. If you were looking to constitute the
greatest application on taint administer, in which presidential administration
would you hope to attend? Why?
2. Using the World Wide Web, go to URL: http://www.ignet.gov and
select an Inspector General employment that interests you. Research the role and exercise of this OIG. Would you weigh established for this agency? In what compressiveness would you hope to attend (e.g., criminal
investigator, testifier, program analyst, etc.)?
3. Rent any of the subjoined films from your national DVD store: All the
President’s Men, Nixon, Wag the Dog, or War, Inc. While watching the
movie, weigh the most-general issues of taint, as polite as what
investigative techniques or policies would show most fortunate in
combating these forms of taint.

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