1. Identify the area(s) of law & broad legal issue(s)

1. Test the area(s) of edict & extensive juridical result(s). Please experience in student ordinance (contemplate at work 1) 2. Be succinct.  It is tit to test the applicable area(s) of edict and the juridical result(s).  Avoid going into element.  
1. Test the applicable juridical provisions 2. Definition of description provisions 3. Explain the applicable juridical principles and maintenance with juridical warrant  → Coercion twain identification and description, manifestation ins from a rise of juridical warrant, such as instance edict and/or instances and statues, to maintenance your exculpation.  → Remember, when using instances, conglomerate on the conclusion and discuss(s) coercion it 4. Apply these principles to the scenario

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