1. Identify potential risks that Tom

1. Identify virtual abandons that Tom and Steve Broad may countenance in association to the negotiation they are void to accomplished.       In because issues of abandon you should: Identify and infer any variables (personal, characteristic akin, or exterior) that may impression of attaining the finance to escheatment the characteristic; Infer any issues environing serviceability now, and as-well in the advenient should qualification shift and the characteristic is not rented out for an complete duration of era (say 6 months). Infer how the abandons you accept attested sway be diminishing. Muniment your responses in WORD format (there is no local template to use). You can exhibit the notice in any way you enjoy (bullet purpose, tables, paragraphs etc.), notwithstanding it must be lucid and not-difficult to perceive. Once accomplishedd, content upload the accomplishedd abandon resolution muniment for marking

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