1. For Marketing Mix, what kind of pricing

1. For Marketing Mix, what husk of pricing and elevation policy that Foodora can use?
(Pricing: Compensation skimming, acuteness pricing, annihilator pricing, compensation penetration, subsidy pricing)
(Promotion: above-the-line/below-the-line: sales elevation, exoteric relations etc)
2. What husk of elementary chaffer discovery order can Foodora precede to recognize the needs from the customers?
3. Suggest one financial and one non-financial motivation to diminish proud turn-over trounce of Foodora?
(Financial motivation: Wages/Salary/PRP/Fringe benefits/Profit Sharing/Share tenure)
(Non-financial motivation: Job expansion, Job revolution, Jon enrichment, entitlement)
4. Brief overview of your ocean chaffer segments for Foodra. (Geographic, Demographic, Behavioural and psychographic)

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