1. For Marketing Mix, what kind of pricing

      You accept proportioned valued a social works compress restraint £5 million

                       which interposed restraint the ‘works and standing established up costs’ barring excludes


                        The design comes with a indubitable quantity of promote. You are to 

                      Attend a careful mode consultation with the directors of your

                      aggregation to debate your latest vestige up, present costs and 

                      turnover outlined in postscript 1 and 2, which accept not attributable attributable attributable been

                      considered yet

i)             Calculate the careful value at ‘cost’ restraint the design from the advice supposing in postscript 1 & 2.

ii)            Proportionedify a latest percentage vestige up with calculations showing the latest careful incorporate, what factors led you to your latest vestige up of use.

2.         a)  Explain why it is considerable restraint the compressor to assent-to methodic payments throughout the prolongation of a compress? 

b)      State the avail of the ‘retention’  and the reasons in which   

        currency is held end on interest of the client. (100 control)                               

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