1. Develop a strategic understanding

1.    Develop a strategic intelligence of the collision of a dynamic and challenging supplies environment.
2.    Develop the power to choice and adduce withhold operational and financial skill techniques.
3.    Examine the role of financial notification in demonstrating accountpower and act.
4.    Evaluate and value approaches to the skill moderate of operations. 
5.    Critically adduce speculative perspectives to useful problems.
6.    Analyse the role of finance and operations skill and evaluate how they collision upon the ocean authoritative activities of an organisation and their skill.
7.    Demonstrate awareness of the constitutional and administrative framework that governs financial skill custom.
8.    Demonstrate an power to adduce operations and financial models to benefit organisational skill and moderate.
9.    Successfully adduce a stroll of withhold approaches to lore.
10.    Select and adduce withhold computational skills.

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