1. Description of the company:

1. Term of the order: Prepare a brief term of the clarified companies, outlining the heart activities, the market(s) in which they have-effect amid and any factors in the companies’ truth which you revolve aid offer the pictures of your companies. Identify and collate their relatively advantages.                               2 marks 2. Calculation and similarity of clarified work ratios: using financial basis obtained from present financial statements of your clarified companies for the elapsed 3 years. Annual newss are public via order websites or ASX website.  Your client is strongly zealous in the liquidity and profitability of the companies. Choose the applicable financial ratios for your dissection to coalesce your client’s limitation. Do a scrutiny to interpret the bend of liquidity and profitability of the clarified companies to your client. You need to procure charts and/or tables for dissection and defence.    5 marks 3. Divide value change-of-place dissection: Using the instruction from the ASX website, exhaustive the aftercited tasks:    - Prepare graphs for change-of-places in the monthly divide value aggravate the decisive three years for the companies that you are investigating. Plot them over change-of-places in the All Ordinaries Index.      2 marks - Write a news which collates change-of-places in the companies’ divide value condemnation to each other and to the All Ords Index.  For exemplification, how are the values of the two clarified tender? In the selfselfsame bend or divers bends? How closely are they correlated delay the All Ords Index.  Above or beneath?  More or near sublimable? What are the factors that like divide value change-of-places?    

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