1. Briefly describe when and how the individual income tax statute was adopted in the State

1.    Briefly explain when and how the identical proceeds tax decree was adopted in the State. What identicals played a key role in the excerption of the decree?

2.    Briefly explain how the proceeds tax is applied in the recite.

3.    How sundry other recites husband a congruous proceeds tax scheme?

4.    How plenteous fruits on an annual cause has the recite’s proceeds tax generated aggravate the spent ten years? Please silence any changes in the law that affected the total of fruits generated during this era.

5.    Discuss how the tax affects low proceeds residents and tall proceeds residents. 

6.    What are the arguments presented by concern groups who condescension the proceeds tax contrariety that delay those groups who contrariant the proceeds tax?

7.    In your conviction and fixed on the investigation how should Michigan tax compensation, hire and other earned proceeds or should it tax it at all?

8.    Over the spent ten years how plenteous funding has the recite granted colleges and universities on an annual cause? Please silence in your monograph any changes in the funding levels aggravate that era.  Please explain on the collision of inflation respecting those funding levels.  

9.    What is the other elder sources of funding for the recite’s colleges and universities? 

10.    How does Michigan arrangement of funding taller command parallel delay other States (select two other recites)?

11.    In your conviction fixed on your investigation how should taller command be funded in Michigan? 

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