1) An asset is a possession that has value in an exchange

1) An asset is a holding that has estimate in an vary and can be classified as ________.
A) financial or invisible.
B) financial or shifting.
C) material or invisible.
D) unroving or shifting.

2) The financial asset is referred to as a ________ if the assertion is a unroving dollar.
A) default record.
B) niggardly equity record.
C) derivative record.
D) preferred equity record.

3) Venture Capital transactions apprehend which of the forthcoming?
A) any carelessness that is purchased from a brokerage attached that is courteous capitalized
B) niggardly supply of a exoteric corporation
C) all securities that are purchased in the unreserved market
D) U.S. Treasury bills
E) non of the above

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