1. After having just graduated from Deakin University

1. Succeeding having reasonable graduated from Deakin University, you are making an boarding artifice for the proximate 25 years. You own popular savings of $15,000. You own met your bank aggravateseer at Savers Bank and he has offered you the boarding liberty of putting your coin in an representation which obtain pay you 13% p.a. undesigning concern for the proximate 3 years. The equalize at the end of year 3 obtain be catching to another representation where your boarding obtain acquire 10% p.a. compounded monthly, for the proximate 12 years. The bank obtain then collect you an convenience to rehabilitate the ungathered equalize at the end of year 15 in another representation at 9% p.a., compounded quarterly, for the proximate 8 years. The equalize at the end of the 23rd year would terminally be catching into the bank’s platinum savers representation where you obtain acquire 15% p.a. compounded daily for the proximate 2 years. Under this preparation you obtain as-well admit a douceur cancelment of $320 each year for the terminal 12 years of your targeted 25 years of boarding, i.e. the original cancelment obtain be admitd and re-invested at the end of year 14. These annual cancelments obtain be assuranceed into a disconnected representation which pays 12% p.a., compounded every-year. How considerable coin obtain you own accumulated succeeding 25 years, if you receipts after a while this boarding? (8 marks)   

2. You own reasonable committed to a construction purpose where you would deficiency to gain the forthcoming cancelments to your contractor in the proximate 10 years: a. An present down cancelment of $200,000. b. $130,000 at the end of year 3. c. $96,000 at the end of year 5. d. $312,000 at the end of year 8. e. $1,250,000 at the end of year 10. Savers bank has offered you a bank representation which obtain pay you 7.25% compounded weekly. How considerable coin do you deficiency to assurance into this representation today, so you can gain the aloft cancelments aggravate the proximate 10 years? (

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