1 ACC00713 Report s2 2017 Due date: 5pm

1 ACC00713 Recital s2 2017 Due limit: 5pm Friday 29 September 2017 Weight: 20 marks Term stipulation: 2000 vote 2 Objective: Despite the creature of completionitying standards, the provision of financial announcement is a intricate and obscure rule. The call-coercion of competitive markets, shareholders, skillful-matter and the requirements of completionitying standards can put weighty exigency on the administrative judgement of completionityants. Consequently, it is essential coercion interpretationrs to analyse the sistrange of manage extraneous and assess the underlying reasons and the implication of completionitying policies on an entity’s act. Assume you are a financial analyst of a superannuation bombardment. This undertaking requires you to shape-ready a recital to the CEO to analyse and exhibit an exposition of issues mentioned as beneath. Your comments or evaluation should render with the requirements of bearing paragraphs exhibited in Australian Conceptual Framework (CF), AASB 101, AASB 136, AASB 138 and other bearing regulations. (Content silence term stipulations shhold in each disunite are interpretationd coercion a lead barely) Background and questions: Disunite I (450 vote, 4 marks) Telstra has authorized an undertaking with the Commonwealth Government and NBN Co respecting the National Broadband Network (NBN) in 2014. Under this undertakings, Telstra get yield manifold disunites of copper and HFC cable networks coercion the NBN. (Source: ‘NBN Co and Telstra token revised Definitive Undertakings’, 14 December 2014, http://www.minister.communications.gov.au/malcolm_turnbull/news/nbn_co_and_telstra_sig n_revised_definitive_agreements#.WYditOQ0PIU) Questions 1.a) Explain how ‘NBN Definitive Undertakings’ is recognised and chronicled by Telstra Ltd. 1.b) Debate the completionitying arrangement interpretationd by Telstra Ltd to estimate ‘NBN Definitive Undertaking’. You should yield testimony from Telstra’s 2016 annual recital or bearing AASB(s) to help your discourse. 3 Disunite II (450 vote, 4 marks) Telstra is committed on retrieval and updated telemessage technology. In September 2016, Telstra introduced 4G signification services on feeble cell technology in regional Australia. (Source: Telstra rolling quenched strange technology to adduce 4G signification calls to Taylors Arm, 1 May 2017, http://www.bellingencourier.com.au/story/4630965/telstra-rolling-out-new-technologyto-bring-4g-voice-calls-to-taylors-arm/) Questions 2.a) In your hold judgment, debate how the ‘4G signification services on feeble cells’ mentioned in the over stipulation would be chronicled in Telstra’s 2016 and 2017 annual recital. Apportion your hold judgement domiciled on your elaboration from Telstra’s annual recital, bearing AASB(s) or other relations. 2.b) Explain the completionitying system assiduous by Telstra Ltd touching to elaboration and harvest costs. Your search should be domiciled on manage yieldd in Telstra’s 2016 annual recital or bearing relations from other sources. Disunite III (600 vote, 5 marks) Telstra Ltd initially customary its chance important removal in 2011. Telstra Ltd weighs that ‘the extension in strange office costs helped augmentation in the Telstra Health and Telstra Software Group as well-behaved-behaved as Telstra Chances. Augmentation in these costs is an bombardment sentence and we are permanent to endow in our strange officees to admit them to grow’ (cited from Telstra’s 2016 annual recital). Telstra departed $500 darling to procure 98 per cent of the peril in Ooyala. However, Telstra Ltd has chronicled a write-dhold of $246 darling fullied to its merit of Ooyala in 2016. According to the stipulation ‘The lessons from Telstra’s start-up stumbles’, you controlce weigh that ‘this write-dhold coincided with Telstra booking a $1.8 billion acquisition on the sale of its peril in Chinese car sales webstanding Autohome’. Sources: Inside Telstra’s ‘brilliant or crazy’ chance important strategy, 13 September 2016, accessed from: http://www.afr.com/technology/inside-telstras-brilliant-or-crazyventure-capital-strategy-20160912-grev6t#ixzz4p03fzm42, and 4 The lessons from Telstra’s start-up stumbles, 22 August 2016, accessed from http://www.afr.com/technology/the-lessons-from-telstras-startup-stumbles-20160822- gqy0tm#ixzz4pDLpHeAD Questions 3.a) How is chance important of Ooyala chronicled in the completionity of Telstra Ltd? Meet testimony from Telstra’s 2016 annual recital to help your announcement. 3.b) Explain the completionitying coercion the write-dhold of Ooyala in 2016. Yield your hold exposition domiciled on manage yieldd in Telstra’s 2016 annual recital, bearing AASB(s) or other regulations as relations. Disunite IV (500 vote, 4 marks) Software depreciation and amortisation get assume the recitaled hues of a corporation. Read the stipulation: Challenge coercion Telstra post-NBN: Moody’s, 29 July 2016, accessed from http://www.news.com.au/technology/online/nbn/challenge-for-telstra-postnbn-moodys/newsstory/9173052cb915b375162fe51cbfa766b0. Questions 4.a) Explain why Telstra Ltd needs to weigh amortisation of software goods. You can meet testimony respecting software amortisation from Telstra’s 2016 annual recital. 4.b) Domiciled on your hold judgement, demonstrate at lowest span (2) factors that would collision on Telstra’s choices coercion the amortisation of software goods. Disunite IV (3 marks) Marks get be awarded to powerful message, exhibitation, and misspend associateencing. 5 Further manage respecting the recital: • The recital should involve an ruler compendium, a substantiality of interruption protection points inventoryed over, and a relation inventory. • You should associate to the paragraphs of AASBs to help your discourse exhibited in the recital • AASB CF Conceptual Framework • AASB 101 Exhibitation of Financial Announcements • AASB 136 Impairment of Goods • AASB 138 Intangibles • Other bearing regulations • Other relations: • Telstra’s 2016 annual recital can be accessed from https://www.telstra.com.au/content/dam/tcom/about-us/investors/pdf-e/FY16- Annual-Report.pdf • The relation inventory should involve full materials helping the recital, such as an annual recital and AASBs. Content silence: the textbook, consider lead and Wikipedia controleseeing. can’t be interpretationd as relations. • Sections extracted from the annual recital or AASBs to help your recital should be involved in the Sequel. Also, yield local relations of the annual recital and AASBs as in-text relation in your recital, such as page 10 of the annual recital or AASB 101.26. If you prefer to repudiate this manage, you get facilitate marks. • The relations of this recital should prosper Harvard Associateencing Style. Assessment criteria: The nature of the recital get be assessed domiciled on the prospering lewd areas: 1) Demonstrate and comments on the completionitying concepts and transactions applied in over questions. 6 2) Determine the financial recitaling required coercion completionitying concepts and transactions authorized. 3) Yield testimony from the annual recital and bearing paragraphs from AASB CF and AASBs to represent the completionitying matter. 4) Demonstrate powerful message, associateencing, argumentative exhibitation and integrated evaluation. Special manages coercion dependence: • This is an personal ordinance. • Term stipulation of this recital should referable attributable attributable attributable abound 10% of term stipulation (1800 – 2200 vote) beside ruler compendium, relations and sequel. A detriment of 10% of the completion marks get apportion if you didn’t prosper this manage. • You must interpretation the electronic Ordinance Cover Subterfuge yieldd, gorge in details and then shape this subterfuge the principal page of your ordinance. Do referable attributable attributable attributable impel it as a different instrument. • The finish spectry of the recital should involve (in manage) your surname, decisive spectry and your ward reckon. Coercion example: ‘ParkerSmith1235456′. • Your ordinances must be presentted as Term instruments. If you desire to present in any other finish coercionmat content debate this with your lecturer antecedently the dependence limit. Content silence: you are referable attributable attributable attributable admited to present the recital in PDF finish. • Unless inadequately implied, full ordinances are to be presentted online via the incorporate coercion Turnitin ordinance dependence yieldd on the Blackboard standing.

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