Services Marketing Project Paper


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Services Marketing Project Paper
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You have been tasked with rebranding Gold’s Gym as a new option for Alabama residents. Given your knowledge of services and the US services sector, create a plan for a feasible service implementation (reemergence). Your written submission should be approximately 10-15 pages long (double spaced, 12-point font) and include the below sections:


1)Executive Summary (10 points)

i) A detailed overview of the company and plan

2) SWOT Analysis (10 points)

i) An overview of the service economy (include information on the Supersector for which

your company falls and the nature of competition in the market)

ii) Overview of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

3) Segmentation and Targeting Strategy (25 points)

i) Overview of Services Consumer Behavior (include special considerations based on the

fundamental differences between goods and services)

ii) Bases of segmentation used

iii) Targeting approach and target customers (include the choice of the segment and make-up of the primary and secondary target customers)

iv) Insights from primary market research (survey or in-depth interviews)

4) Unique Selling Proposition, Service Delivery Process, and Pricing (20 points)

i) Discuss positioning strategy and provide a positioning statement

ii) Briefly discuss the service delivery process specific to your company

iii) Discuss your pricing strategy

5) Promotional Strategy and Communications Plan (20 points)

i) Marketing material used (develop creatives)

ii) Integrated communications plan (include both online and traditional media)

6) Growth and Retention Strategy (20 points)

i) Plans for growth and retention in the customer base (include strategies for managing

and measuring customers’ expectations and satisfaction)

ii) Use of the firm’s physical evidence as a strategy

iii) Marketing’s role in managing service employees and consumers

7) Budget and Financial Projections (15 points)

i) Expected costs

ii) Predicted outcomes

8) Presentation: 20 points

I can upload some slides to help you finish the work

and for the last question, I need a short presentation to introduce this project, that’s what I hope you can help me with. The only materials I can provide are some slides that our professors use in their classes, which relate with services marketing.