Scott is a 29-year-old professional triathlete. He is 6’2? and 170 pounds (BMI 21.8 kg/m2)….

Scott is a 29-year-old professional triathlete. He is
6′2″ and 170 pounds (BMI 21.8 kg/m2). Triathlon season is underway
and Scott has intensified his training to compete in the Kona Ironman

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Scott is a 29-year-old professional triathlete. He is 6’2? and 170 pounds (BMI 21.8 kg/m2)….
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1. On the initial intake interview, Scott shares that he
takes several supplements. He says that he takes iron supplements to prevent
nutritional deficiency given his rigorous endurance training, a multivitamin to
ensure adequate nutrient intake, caffeine to help improve performance, and
glutamine because all of his colleagues swear by it. a. What is your approach
to a client who takes a supplement to prevent or treat nutritional deficiency?
b. If Scott asks you what you think about the use of multivitamins to provide a
more convenient form of nutrients, what will you tell him? c. What are a few
important considerations for clients taking supplements to improve athletic
performance? d. What is your response to a client taking a supplement because
“everyone else is doing it”?

2. Scott tells you that he is planning to try an ergogenic
supplement, but before he takes it he wants to be certain that this supplement
is safe and effective. What process might you recommend that he undertake to get
information on the safety and efficacy of the supplement? How is this process
different from the process he might take to understand the safety and efficacy
of a medication prescribed by his physician? Now, choose a supplement that you
are interested in learning more about. Research whether it is considered to be
safe and effective. (Go through the process you would recommend to this
client). What did you find?

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