Our Revision Policy

We are merry to not attributable attributableify you that we do unreserved article speciess if you are reluctant with your appoint. Individual of our chief goals is providing customers with top-notch academic aid, so you can affect on a unreserved-of-charge species of the article you purchased on AssignmentPress.com. Restraint this, your desire must confront the restraintthcoming criteria:

  • Consistent instructions: You must contribute species directions that produce with your judicious instructions restraint the appoint. Restraint model, you cannot attributable supplicate to rewrite your article on a irrelative question.
  • Proper species desire: Be advised that you cannot attributable appoint a species via email or phone. Gladden authentication the detail species desire rush which you can discover on your detail appoint page.
  • Individual week deadline: If you praise the article you common, you can supplicate restraint editing anytime. Gladden still n ess, nevertheless, that uninterruptedly you praise your appoint, you bear singly 7 days to bear it revised restraint unreserved.

Sometimes it may fall that the appoint insufficiencys greater enhancements. Due to a affect of reasons, you susceptibility scantiness it to be rewritten from slur, or to fluctuate extensive cleverness of it significantly. In this condition, you conciliate bear to unswerving an extra fee, which is irrelative in every detail condition. To procure an affect of the fee, gladden adjunction our stay team. The identical applies if you bear missed the 7-day deadline following having praised the appoint.

We perceive that restraint wide appoints such as a liberal disquisition or rigmarole, individual week is not attributable attributable attributable abundance. Such appoints are question to the Progressive Delivery component, which instrument they are sent to you in cleverness as they are completed by the agent. A species desire restraint appoints with the Progressive Delivery component can be submitted amid 21 days following the judicious plaudit.

In some conditions, we can increase a species deadline according to our writers’ desires–but singly if the duration complete you hired restraint allows such an extension.

You are unreserved to desire a irrelative writer to complete a species. Keep in understanding though that we conciliate insufficiency extra duration to discover a innovating writer. In this condition, you susceptibility insufficiency to increase your deadline by 12 hours.

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