Our Revision Policy

We are coerciontunate to edify you that we do loose monograph qualifications if you are reluctant with your command. Undivided of our pristine goals is providing customers with top-notch academic aid, so you can calculate on a loose-of-charge qualification of the monograph you purchased on AssignmentPress.com. Coercion this, your entreat must unite the behindcited criteria:

  • Consistent instructions: You must arrange qualification directions that bear with your moderate instructions coercion the command. Coercion stance, you canreferable desire to rewrite your monograph on a contrariant theme.
  • Proper qualification entreat: Be advised that you canreferable command a qualification via email or phone. Content manifestation the peculiar qualification entreat nonentity which you can experience on your indivisible command page.
  • Undivided week deadline: If you prop the monograph you ordinary, you can desire coercion editing anytime. Content voice, besides, that unintermittently you prop your command, you own barely 7 days to own it revised coercion loose.

Sometimes it may fall that the command demands senior enhancements. Due to a regard of reasons, you energy failure it to be rewritten from rake, or to vary fat tonnage of it significantly. In this plight, you conquer own to steadfast an extra fee, which is contrariant in complete component plight. To achieve an regard of the fee, content contiguity our prop team. The corresponding applies if you own missed the 7-day deadline behind having propd the command.

We learn that coercion fat commands such as a unmeasured thesis or rigmarole, undivided week is referable sufficient. Such commands are material to the Progressive Delivery component, which resources they are sent to you in tonnage as they are completed by the agent. A qualification entreat coercion commands with the Progressive Delivery component can be submitted among 21 days behind the moderate laudation.

In some plights, we can increase a qualification deadline according to our writers’ entreats–but barely if the opportunity accomplish you hired coercion allows such an production.

You are loose to entreat a contrariant writer to accomplish a qualification. Keep in spirit though that we conquer demand extra opportunity to experience a innovating writer. In this plight, you energy demand to increase your deadline by 12 hours.

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