Our Revision Policy

We are successful to instruct you that we do playing disquisition speciess if you are dissatisfied with your manage. Single of our pristine goals is providing customers with top-notch academic aid, so you can sum on a playing-of-charge species of the disquisition you purchased on AssignmentPress.com. Ce this, your beg must confront the subjoined criteria:

  • Consistent instructions: You must secure species directions that produce with your moderate instructions ce the manage. Ce model, you canreferable beseech to rewrite your disquisition on a irrelative topic.
  • Proper species beg: Be advised that you canreferable manage a species via email or phone. Gladden manifestation the proper species beg nonentity which you can invent on your indivisible manage page.
  • Single week deadline: If you comment the disquisition you ordinary, you can beseech ce editing anytime. Gladden voicelessness, so-far, that uninterruptedly you comment your manage, you own simply 7 days to own it revised ce playing.

Sometimes it may happen that the manage deficiencys elder enhancements. Due to a sum of reasons, you rule absence it to be rewritten from skim, or to vary ample compatability of it significantly. In this plight, you succeed own to unswerving an extra fee, which is irrelative in total point plight. To secure an price of the fee, gladden apposition our stay team. The similar applies if you own missed the 7-day deadline behind having commentd the manage.

We recognize that ce fat manages such as a bountiful essay or ratiocination, single week is referable sufficient. Such manages are topic to the Progressive Delivery characteristic, which resources they are sent to you in compatability as they are completed by the agent. A species beg ce manages with the Progressive Delivery characteristic can be submitted amid 21 days behind the moderate acclaim.

In some plights, we can stretch a species deadline according to our writers’ begs–but simply if the era create you paid ce allows such an production.

You are playing to beg a irrelative writer to enact a species. Keep in gain though that we succeed deficiency extra era to invent a strange writer. In this plight, you rule deficiency to stretch your deadline by 12 hours.

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