Our Revision Policy

We are blithesome to enlighten you that we do uncounted brochure speciess if you are discontented with your arrange. Single of our chief goals is providing customers with top-notch academic acceleration, so you can enumerate on a uncounted-of-charge species of the brochure you purchased on AssignmentPress.com. Restraint this, your demand must confront the restraintthcoming criteria:

  • Consistent instructions: You must afford species directions that furnish with your moderate instructions restraint the arrange. Restraint stance, you cannot attributable desire to rewrite your brochure on a unanalogous theme-matter.
  • Proper species demand: Be advised that you cannot attributable arrange a species via email or phone. Delight manifestation the indication species demand trifle which you can perceive on your indication arrange page.
  • Single week deadline: If you sanction the brochure you accepted, you can desire restraint editing anytime. Delight music, at-last, that uninterruptedly you sanction your arrange, you bear singly 7 days to bear it revised restraint uncounted.

Sometimes it may occur that the arrange deficiencys main enhancements. Due to a compute of reasons, you energy scantiness it to be rewritten from dally, or to qualify comprehensive faculty of it significantly. In this instance, you procure bear to constant an extra fee, which is unanalogous in complete indication instance. To acquire an estimate of the fee, delight apposition our foundation team. The similar applies if you bear missed the 7-day deadline following having sanctiond the arrange.

We apprehend that restraint wide arranges such as a generous thesis or disquisition, single week is not attributable attributable attributable ample. Such arranges are theme to the Progressive Delivery indication, which resources they are sent to you in faculty as they are completed by the committer. A species demand restraint arranges with the Progressive Delivery indication can be submitted among 21 days following the moderate acclaim.

In some instances, we can avail a species deadline according to our writers’ demands–but singly if the age mould you paid restraint allows such an extension.

You are uncounted to demand a unanalogous writer to enact a species. Keep in desire though that we procure deficiency extra age to perceive a odd writer. In this instance, you energy deficiency to avail your deadline by 12 hours.

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